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Ricky Prevatte Massage Therapist
Ricky Prevatte, LMBT 1154
Whether you’ve come to my homepage looking for pain relief from chronic issues or a sports injury, wanting to improve your quality of life for the long-term or enhance your overall performance, I will do everything I can in my scope of practice to help you reach that goal.  I will also try to make it easier for you.

Did you know…

Are you planning to set aside funds for your healthcare plan for the upcoming year? Did you know medical massage could be covered under your health care savings plan or flex spend account? Contact us to find out how.  We will send you a prescription form for your doctor (if required) and assist you with all required paperwork.

What we offer:

  • Over 30 Years Experience by one of the industry’s most revolutionary members whose blindness has resulted in an  uncanny sense of touch.
  • Several highly effective modalities (Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, G5 Vibratory/Percussive Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching and Medical Massage Cupping) available at no additional charge.
  • No upselling or membership.

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Thank you for spending your time here!     – Ricky Prevatte